Expats Is Your Dream Business Hurting Your Relationship?
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Expats Is Your Dream Business Hurting Your Relationship?

Many couples dream of starting their own business when they relocate - it's all part of the exciting vision for a new life. However, once they make the move and set up the business, they come to realise that it brings its fair share of long hours and stress. That leaves very little time to get out and truly enjoy their new life. 

Couples tell me: "We were so excited about starting our business. But now we're so busy earning a living that we never get to enjoy it! Life wasn't meant to be this way. We're always arguing and getting caught up in resentment and bickering."

Being thrown together everyday, and possibly having to navigate each other’s different approaches to managing a business can cause a lot of stress. The clash of perspectives and styles often leads to conflicts and challenges that you may have never anticipated.

If you relate to these pressures of expat working life, please be assured that you're not alone. Many expat couples have gone through a similar experience. But with the right help, you can overcome these hurdles, create a thriving business and still enjoy a great relationship in your new life abroad.

As a couples therapist with extensive experience working with expat couples, I understand the specific needs and challenges you may be facing.

Whether you’ve been expats for a while or are just starting out, you've been brave enough to seek new horizons. Now it's time to explore new horizons in your relationship!

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