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    Why Doesn’t He Listen?

    How heard do you feel in your relationship? It's essential to know that the special person in your life is truly hearing you. That way you feel understood and appreciated.. Why he Doesn't ListenHowever, when we don't feel appreciated, it's natural to focus on what we don't want. As humans, we have a basic survival instinct to avoid danger and threats, so it's normal to have a "don't want" attitude. But when it comes to relationships, this approach can push people away and make us appear like a nag. So, what's the solution? How To Say What You Want and Be HeardThe answer is straightforward: focus on what we do want,…

  • Expats Is Your Dream Business Hurting Your Relationship?
    Couples Therapy

    Expats Is Your Dream Business Hurting Your Relationship?

    Many couples dream of starting their own business when they relocate - it's all part of the exciting vision for a new life. However, once they make the move and set up the business, they come to realise that it brings its fair share of long hours and stress. That leaves very little time to get out and truly enjoy their new life. Couples tell me: "We were so excited about starting our business. But now we're so busy earning a living that we never get to enjoy it! Life wasn't meant to be this way. We're always arguing and getting caught up in resentment and bickering."Being thrown together everyday, and…

  • When One Person Is Settled But The Other Is Homesick
    Couples Therapy

    When One Person Is Settled, But The Other Is Homesick

    Adapting to expat life can sometimes be much easier for one partner than the other, and when this happens, it's not unusual for each person to struggle to understand the other's perspective. One of you may be feeling overwhelmed and homesick, thinking "I know I should feel grateful to be living here, but I feel overwhelmed and I just want to go home!"The other may be excited and confident about the future, thinking "What’s changed? We knew it may be a bit of an upheaval, but this was our dream!"There's a lot of frustration, confusion and guilt. At times like this, and with the added pressures of dealing with bureaucracy…

  • Specific Issues That Expat Couples Face
    Couples Therapy

    Specific Relationship Problems That Expats Face

    Starting a new life abroad is a dream for many people. However, while relocating can be an exciting adventure, it can also come with its fair share of challenges, especially for couples. Alongside the common adjustments that all expats face, such as cultural differences, language barriers, and navigating the intricacies of bureaucracy, there are specific challenges that expat couples can encounter in their relationship. Here are a few:One person being settled, the other feeling homesick.A change in the dynamic due to one of you giving up work. Losing your old support network.Bringing your old problems with you, when you thought you’d left them behind.Spending a great deal more time together, but…