Couples Therapy - Welcome

If you're facing relationship problems, you're not alone. Many people experience difficulties in their relationship from time to time. Yet if left unresolved, these problems can continue on, causing a lot of unnecessary stress and unhappiness.

The good news is that you don't have to settle for a life of discontent. Many couples seek help and quite quickly resolve their issues. They go on to have a relationship that is better than it has ever been.

How Couples Therapy Will Help You

  • Break the cycle of misunderstandings and arguments by learning helpful communication techniques so that you each feel heard and understood. 
  • Have a safe space, and professional guidance to help you overcome painful issues, such as betrayal, so that you can rebuild trust in your relationship again.
  • Connect at a deeper level so that you can enjoy each other's company, and regain the intimacy and emotional connection that you once had.
  • Find effective ways to manage life pressures, such as extended family and work responsibilities, so that you can give your relationship the attention it deserves.
  • Navigate life changes, such as parenthood, career shifts, retirement or relocating so that you can work as a team.

Couples Therapy For Expats

Couples Counselling Costa del Sol

As an expat myself, I understand how relocating can be a wonderful adventure, yet it can also bring it's own challenges.

And, as a couples therapist with a lot of experience in working with expat couples, I have a deep understanding of the specific needs and additional challenges that you may be facing. These challenges can happen within the first few years of relocating, or after a longer period of time.

Here's what expat couples tell me. Maybe you can relate?

  • 'Dealing with bureaucracy can be stressful, and we end up taking it out on each other.'
  • 'Being constantly together can be challenging, particularly as we don't have the support network we once had.'
  • 'One of us is more settled - the other is homesick and unhappy. '
  • 'We envisioned a dream life and business, but we're constantly tired, stressed, and arguing, with no time for our relationship.'
  • 'We thought we'd leave all our problems behind, but we've brought them with us' 
  • 'We've been expats for a while now - but we've never really got past the relationship problems that came up when we first relocated.'
  • 'Now that we've retired we don't know how to be around each other. We've lost the ease and intimacy.'

Whether you've been expats for a while, or this is a new chapter in your lives, you've been brave enough to seek new horizons. 

Now it's time to explore new horizons in your relationship.

How to Arrange Your Couples Therapy Sessions

It's an easy process:

1. Click the How Couples Therapy Works button.

2. Carefully read through the information.

3. Fill out the form to arrange your free consultation.