How to Arrange Your Couples Therapy Sessions

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1. Read carefully through the information about How Couples Therapy Works 

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How Couples Therapy Works 

Couples Sessions are for 1 hour and 10 minutes. This is longer than standard couples sessions which are 50-60 minutes. In my experience, 70 minutes works very well for couples as it provides time for you both without being too overwhelming.

In The Sessions

We’ll start by clarifying some goals so that you have a clear picture of the journey ahead. 

During our sessions, we'll dig into what's at the heart of your issues, work through past pains and unsatisfied needs. I’ll help you identify unhelpful cycles in your relationship and help you resolve these so that you can have greater love and intimacy. 

I’ll also teach you advanced communication skills and emotional management techniques so that you can express yourself with courage, and deeply hear each other.

We’ll review your progress and reassess your goals according to your needs as we progress.

Tools, Techniques and Resources

I offer a range of proven therapeutic tools and techniques to help you overcome blocks and consolidate what you’ve covered in the sessions. We'll focus on the ones that are just right for you as a couple. These include easy homework activities and strategies, which you then have for the rest of your life.

Having additional resources can be very beneficial in helping you practise what you have explored in sessions. With this in mind I offer all my clients free access to my courses, audios and videos. These are not a requirement for your couples therapy, however if you’d like to take advantage of these helpful resources they are there for you.

Couples therapy isn't just about overcoming problems.

Its also about helping you create a strong and happy relationship for the future.

Closer than we've been in years

We had drifted into living a life in parallel but never really truly together. We were at the point of deciding to part company but you helped us recover the love we both knew deep down that we wanted.

Thank you Marléne

All I can say is thank you for helping us save our relationship. You certainly know your stuff!

Highly skilled couples Therapist

The homework was invaluable. Marléne helped us see through the destructive patterns that we were playing out and learn how to be more authentic and communicate in way that means we don't argue, we just get closer.

 Couples Therapy Options: 

If you're not clear which option is right for you, that's no problem. We can discuss this in your free consultation

Heal Your Relationship

A proven 12-week therapy framework, specifically tailored to your unique needs as a couple.

€2,475 (Currency equivalent)

12 x 70-minute therapy sessions, including:

  • Relationship goals, focus and clarity.
  • Deep exploration, identifying blocks and resolving issues.
  • Skill-building sessions on communication techniques, managing emotions, and reclaiming connection and intimacy.
  • Future focus session.

Practical exercises, worksheets and videos to help you apply what you've covered in sessions.

Pre-therapy Intensive Sessions

 For Anger Management

If you are experiencing an overwhelming amount of anger and conflict in your relationship, it is important to address this first. This will help you get the most out of your therapy sessions.

This is not couples therapy. It is a 3 x session coaching intensive, which will teach you how to manage anger and communicate in more effective and peaceful ways.

€595 (Currency equivalent)

3 x 60-minute therapy sessions, including:

  • Anger management awareness
  • EFT Techniques for managing angry emotions.
  • Communication skills for expressing anger in healthy ways

Practical exercises, worksheets and videos to help you apply what you've covered in sessions.

Please fill out the form, and I'll be in touch straight away to arrange your free 30-minute consultation.

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