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Can Couples Therapy Keep Us Together?

In couples counselling, people typically have a desire to save their relationship. Fortunately, most of the time, we're able to achieve this goal and help them build an even stronger connection. At other times, people come into couples counselling with one person keener to save the relationship than the other. Again, we can often navigate through this and find a positive outcome. 

Couples Therapy is about helping you have The Best Possible Relationship

In some cases, therapy may reveal that the current form of the relationship is no longer sustainable. It's important to recognise that the goal of couples counselling is to help people achieve the best possible relationship between them, even if that means transitioning to a different type of relationship.

I remind my clients that they will still have some form of relationship, especially if they have children together. Even if they don't have children, separating completely can be complicated if they have shared financial obligations or businesses. Additionally, after being together for a long time, many people may wish to maintain a friendship with their partner. It can be difficult to imagine not having that person in your life at all.

And as I often tell my clients, even if they were to move to opposite sides of the world and never speak again, they'd still have memories and thoughts of each other, and thus it's crucial to find a more positive way of viewing each other.

Finding peace and happiness

Couples therapy can be a powerful tool to help end a relationship in a positive manner, leading to a transition into a new and happier type of connection. The ultimate goal is to find peace and happiness for both partners involved.

Having said that I have had numerous couples enter therapy with the assumption that their relationship is beyond saving, only to leave with a rekindled love that is deeper, more authentic, and filled with more intimacy and joy than ever.

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