• How To Find Good Couples Therapist
    Couples Therapy

    How To Find A Good Couples Therapist

    Making the decision to have some couples therapy sessions is a wonderful step forward. It means you've reached a point where you want more out of life and your relationship. You may be fed up having the same challenging experiences in your relationship, going round in circles, stress and arguments, feeling lack of intimacy - and you know you deserve better.So first of all - well done! Things You Need To Know When Choosing a Couples TherapistBut before you leap in, it’s a good idea to consider the following points to help you make a wise decision about choosing your couples therapist. When you’ve read through, if you’d like to get…

  • How To Overcome Expat Relationship Problems
    Couples Therapy

    How To Overcome Expat Relationship Problems

    Many people dream of starting a new life abroad, and while stepping out of your comfort zone can take courage, the rewards are truly worthwhile. If this is you, I know that you're someone who has adventure in your heart and inspiration in your soul. Perhaps you've relocated to one country, or perhaps you've resided in several countries. Or maybe your new life is still in the planning phase. Regardless of your circumstances, one thing is clear: you're a driven and inspired person who understands that life is all about exploring new horizons and evolving as a person.However, while relocating can be an exciting adventure, it can also come with…

  • Couples Therapy

    Can Couples Therapy Keep Us Together?

    In couples counselling, people typically have a desire to save their relationship. Fortunately, most of the time, we're able to achieve this goal and help them build an even stronger connection. At other times, people come into couples counselling with one person keener to save the relationship than the other. Again, we can often navigate through this and find a positive outcome. Couples Therapy is about helping you have The Best Possible RelationshipIn some cases, therapy may reveal that the current form of the relationship is no longer sustainable. It's important to recognise that the goal of couples counselling is to help people achieve the best possible relationship between them, even…